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Cinematic Wedding Photography

SKA Films is a professional weddings photography studio & videography service provider in UAE. Our team of expert media cinematographers and professional photographers make us unique in modern weddings poses and latest weddings stories..
With experienced and professional photographers, latest equipment and post processing facilities, SKA Films has edge on its competitors. Our portfolio and endorsement of top level businessmen, TV artists and happy clients is a proof of our best photography & videography services.
Wedding Photography Studio

Cinematic Wedding Videography

At SKA Films, we pride ourselves on our powerful and personal cinematic wedding videography. Our wedding films are uniquely tailored to you, to capture not just your special day, but every emotion.

5 Years Experience

we have over 5 years’ experience in media production and videography. Whilst you’re soaking in every second of your day, our team of visual creators will be using their skills to illustrate the beautiful and special memories into a cinematic experience. As storytellers, we want you to look back at your wedding video and feel as if you are experiencing the day all over again.

Perfect Cinematography

We recognize that no couple or wedding is like any other, we love that every client is different to the last. We work with you to illustrate your love story in your weddings video, turning your special day into your favorite film. A film that makes you feel something, portrays emotions. This is why weddings make the perfect cinematography and photography studio.
Our wedding videography achieves all the above. It’s our job to capture the memories of your dream day and make them last forever. Telling your story, capturing the place, the people, but most of all, the feeling.
SKA Films Said...
“In the Wedding movies, anything is possible, dreams can come true. The language of images makes the impossible possible. Every single aspect of the setting has meaning, the lighting sets the mood, it adds emotion. The setting and objects in it are vital to the story, it’s all about style and the genre”

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