Paid Social

A Multi-Platform Paid Social Agency

At SKA Films, Turn those likes into leads – drive sales, increase brand awareness and watch your Social presence soar. We cover the key social networks; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & LinkedIn.

Our Paid Social Services

SKA Films is a multi-platform paid social media agency covers all the main channels, which giving you a head start on the competition while helping you to promote your products effectively. Explore our paid social services below.


Connect with more than two billion monthly active users with Facebook’s highly targeted advertising platform. Reach the right audience and generate cost-effective leads with Facebook Ads.


Stay at the front of an ever-changing 330 million+ user network. Create engagement, tweet the right people, grow your followers and convert your leads with Twitter ads.


It’s all in the visuals – engage your customers with Instagram’s advertising service. Combined with Facebook’s wide-reaching ad network, we’ll place your picture ads directly in front of your audience.


The new kid on the block – stay ahead of the game and tap into TikTok’s vast potential, with 885 million+ users their ads provide a great opportunity for your business. Join an ever-growing market with SKA Film.


The home of the world’s largest professional network – advertise to more than 800 million users with LinkedIn’s business-related targeting. Partner with Ska Film and hit your B2B marketing goals.

How Can Display Advertising Help You?

Not only is social media advertising a super tool for reaching untapped audiences online, via highly targeted Paid Social campaigns – there are also many more benefits too:
• Increase your brand awareness & traffic to your website.
• Enjoy greater visibility with your paid ads.
• View data on interested leads & your competitors ads.
• Increased conversions on your social platforms & website.
• Boost engagement of your pages & posts.
• Lead generation opportunities across Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn.

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