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SKA Film’s Search Engine Optimisation service has been created with your business in mind. Our team will work closely with you, implementing an affordable SEOs strategy to help increase your visibility across Google and Bing, whilst driving traffic and sales to your website.

We have a range of solutions to suit you – our team has proven experience in creating SEO campaigns for both eCommerce and services businesses.

Our SEO Services

There are so many factors to SEOs that it can be complex to understand. Meta-tags, alt-text and keywording are all elements that affect optimisation, but they only scratch the surface of what can be achieved for your business. Our consultants know SEOs inside and out, ensuring you keep up with the latest trends and how your customers are using search.

Complete SEO Audit

As part of our process, we conduct an audit of your website, reviewing key data from a range of software and our own expertise – we’ll then use this to identify areas that need improving.

Analytics & Reporting

Analytical data is the key to any SEO campaign. We set up your website, keywords and conversions tracking, so we can monitor, review and report the progress across your campaign.

Keyword Research

Our team of SEO experts are experienced in conducting in-depth keyword research. We’ll uncover keywords tailored to your business and implement them as part of our SEO service.

Local SEO

A key part of our offering are our local SEO services. Finding customers in your area is a vital part of marketing and sales. We will optimise your Google Business Profile to capture local searches to your business.

Backlinks & Off-Page SEO

A vital part of building your organic presence is through acquiring high-quality backlinks from authoritative third-party websites. We’ll work on this from the outset to identify your opportunities – building safe, authoritative links using a variety of methods.

Technical SEO

The architecture and technical setup of your site is a foundational pillar in how Google finds it, so the search engine can crawl, index and rank it for your users. We audit this on an ongoing basis, identifying issues and regularly implementing solutions.

Content Marketing

We regularly produce content for your website, carefully selecting topics and ensuring they’re search-engine friendly, to capture the eyes of your customers. Read More

Competitor Analysis

A great way to understand potential gaps in your links and content is to research the page-one competitors ranking for your key search terms. We review and analyse these, for content ideas, links opportunities and more.

On-Page SEO

We review your titles, meta descriptions, text and images to ensure they are fully optimised for search queries – so your users can easily find the pages they’re looking for via organic search.

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